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tavola del turno
DevilsOfMusic® Biography




Francesco Santonicola, born in 1989, at the age of 16th develops a passion for discos and 

the "House-Music" of the most famous Djs in Italy, since he has always loved music in all its forms.

So he starts playing music in the garage of his house and ends up in the clubs 

near his hometown. 

A year later he meets Fabio Calabrese (born in 1987), who will become his music partner and best friend. 

Together they start a music project called "DevilsOfMusic",

which is similar to the genre "Minimal", but always remembering the american "House-Music",

creating a particular style and sound.

In September 2009 they attend the course "Albeton Live 8" with the professor Gianciarlo Lanza at the "Nut Academy" in 

Naples. From this moment on they also start producing their own music, even if they go on playing live music in different clubs in Naples, Salerno

and the whole region Campania, becoming for a short period Djs resident of the "Ciclope Italian Discoteque" and then in 2010 of the

"Acquabianca Beach Club", too. In the same year they decide to register their project "DevilsOfMusic" as a trade mark (DevilsOfMusic®). 

In 2011 they collaborate with the famous cuban singer Irina Arozarena, who sang in the choir of Ivana Spagna, on the song "But now". 

Then they start studying how to play drumms (Calabrese) and piano (Santonicola) and how to produce music with the piano (Santonicola). 

In 2013 they originate a cultural and musical association named "La Tana del Lupo",

creating a real musical context, where they give new artists the possibility to show themselves to a crowd, 

working as resident and artistic director.

In the same year they work with "Music Factory" and they produce two tracks: "You can do it" with Klarita

(which gains good places in the prog-house rankings) and "Can't believe in my eyes" with "Lady I'm" (who participated to the tv programm "Amici"),

both played in Radio Ibiza and produced from "Smilax Record".

In 2014 comes out "Save me", in collaboration with the Fabio Musta's "Different Lab",

whose videoclip is completely shot in Madrid, Spain.

The following years they work on different tracks with various artists, for example "Don't say goodbye"

featuring with the famous american artist "Sarah Bollinger" and the puerto rican rappers "Buffering Inc.",

creating a new way of expressing their music through amateur videoclips. Other titles are "A little time", "Don't push me", "Like a bullet", "Jump" and "Friends".

They also go on performing live in different discos, both in Italy and abroad.

In February 2020 they finally come out for the first time with their first album "The Sad Clown", a collection of 10 tracks, each one different from the other,

and then again, in September of the same year, to produce their latest work with the single "The Show" also branded DevilsOfMusic ...



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